The Block: Newbies Mark and JJ bulldozed and judges already back to ‘mongrel’ ways

Jan 29, 2015

Mark and JJ are the first to leave The Block 1:03

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In the first of the elimination rooms, it was Mark and JJ who couldn't deliver a room to keep them in the competition. Courtesy: The Block

  • 28 Jan 2015
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THE Block has already bulldozed ‘newbie’ couple Mark and JJ from the reality show.

The newly engaged couple were first on the chopping block and judge Neale Whitaker didn’t hold back.

The Block — eliminated couple Mark and JJ

The Block — eliminated couple Mark and JJ Source: Supplied

With his trademark ‘half-smile’ Whitaker took the bedroom to task with his standard — somewhat made up — cliches.

“It’s chaos and feels like panic styling,” the Vogue Living editor exclaimed.

“The style is chaos.”

Good to be back! RT@interiorsaddict: Oh I've missed that @nealewhitaker half smile on #theblock ;)

— Neale Whitaker (@nealewhitaker) January 28, 2015

Meanwhile, “industrial XXX” was Whitaker’s phrase for styling tonight.

“It’s industrial country,” he gushed upon laying eyes on wacky stressed out cousins Brooke and Aimee’s bedroom.

“Industrial bland beach house,” he declared of winning couple’s Josh and Charlotte, before waxing lyrical about a wall which he first had thought was wallpaper.



The Block — host Scott Cam reads out the scores.

The Block — host Scott Cam reads out the scores. Source: Supplied

Never one to shy away from an Aussie colloquialism, Scotty — thankfully not standing on some weird blackboard contraption yet — called the judges “mongrels” after they had a nitpick.

Admittedly not having a lampshade seam facing away is getting pretty anal.

The Block bulldozes in on newbie

The Block — Ayden and Jess react at elimination Source: Supplied

Perhaps the writing was on the wall for the New South Wales couple from episode one, after Scotty instructed Jess be called “JJ” from there on in.

See there was already another Jess, wife of The Hangover’s Zach Galfianakis doppelganger (before he got all skinny) Ayden from Queensland, competing on The Block Triple Threat and Scotty didn’t want things to get confusing.

Sad to see the first couple go on @theblock9 :( thanks for all the 'where's Shaynna' love! I had to miss a few judgings but will be back!

— Shaynna Blaze (@ShaynnaBlaze) January 28, 2015

This made for slightly awkward viewing after newly named JJ confessed she wasn’t all that keen on her nickname.

Her final words on the show were “I don’t think TV is for us” and they said their goodbyes.

The Block — Mark and ‘JJ’ Jess say goodbye to Ayden and Jess

The Block — Mark and ‘JJ’ Jess say goodbye to Ayden and Jess Source: Supplied

The Block — contestants at elimination

The Block — contestants at elimination Source: Supplied

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