Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany 'auditioning for upcoming Star Wars movie'

Jan 29, 2015

According to reports, the two actress are in the running for a role in the first stand-alone flick

Getty/Lucas Film Star Wars

Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany could be cast in the new stand-alone Star Wars film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two actresses have thrown their names into the hat for the upcoming flick.

So far Tatiana, who stars in the hit series Orphan Black, has already auditioned for a role in the George Lucas movie.

Meanwhile Rooney, best known for her performance in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is due to test for a role next week.

Corbis Rooney Mara does Vamp make up at the Met Gala 2013
Rooney Mara

As of right now details on the sci-fi movie are being kept secret, however there are reports that auditions took place in the UK in December.

The process has now moved across to the US so a number of American stars can read for a part.

Oscar nominated actress Felicity Jones is also said to be lined up to audition.

We have reached out to Tatiana and Rooney's reps.

BBC Orphan Black
Orphan Black

Last year Rooney insisted that a break from her career may be on the cards after making a number of films in quick succession.

She explained: "I’m a workaholic and I really don’t know how to relax. But I do want to take a break and not think about work at all.

"I think it’s good for actors to have other things that they’re interested in.

"I want to learn ballroom dancing. I have hidden rhythm."

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    Corbis Rooney Mara does Vamp make up at the Met Gala 2013
    BBC Orphan Black
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    It's Kiss a Ginger Day! Here are 13 red-haired celebs we definitely want to celebrate with

    Are you celebrating Kiss a Ginger Day today? These redheads would be top of our list

    Getty Images Damian Lewis

    As you might have noticed - especially if you have red hair and people keep kissing you - today is International Kiss a Ginger Day.

    Yep, it's even trending on Twitter, which means it's definitely a real thing.

    We imagine the day exists so that we can all appreciate our red-headed civilians, but we thought it would be a good excuse to appreciate some of our gorgeously ginger celebs, too.

    Here are 13 famous redheads we would love to celebrate Kiss a Ginger Day with. In reality, we'll just have to keep dreaming...

    What day would you like to see the world celebrate? Send us your suggestions via the form at the bottom of this article or by tweeting @YourMirror.

    1. Michael Fassbender


    Getty Golden Globes
    That beard is definitely ginger

    2. Emma Stone

    Emma Stone at the Annual Critics' Choice Movie Awards (Pic: Getty Images)
    Emma Stone steals the show on any red carpet

    3. Damian Lewis

    Channel4 Homeland
    Homeland star Damian Lewis would definitely be on the list

    4. Karen Gillan

    Karen Gillan
    Scottish beauty Karen stole hearts as Matt Smith's assistant in Doctor Who

    5. Benedict Cumberbatch


    Benedict Cumberbatch
    Definitely ginger.

    6. Christina Hendricks

    Getty Christina Hendricks
    Mad Men's Christina Hendricks probably makes men mad for her

    7. Prince Harry

    Getty Prince Harry
    We couldn't leave our Harry out

    8. Amy Adams

    Getty Amy Adams
    Beautiful AND talented

    9. Eddie Redmayne

    PA Eddie Redmayne arriving for the Burberry Prorsum show
    Eddie can now boast a Golden Globe win as well as glorious hair

    10. Ed Sheeran

    PA Ed Sheeran performing on stage during the 2014 Capital Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena
    He writes beautiful songs, too - what more could you want?

    11. Isla Fisher

    Sacha Baron Cohen has bagged himself a beautiful redhead

    12. Rupert Grint

    Rupert Grint (Pic:Getty)
    Who doesn't love Ron Weasley?

    13. Lily Cole

    Lily Cole (Poic:Getty)
    Lily looking fierce on a catwalk


    BONUS: Even more sexy gingers

    Getty Golden Globes
    Channel4 Homeland
    Getty Christina Hendricks
    Getty Prince Harry
    Getty Amy Adams
    PA Eddie Redmayne arriving for the Burberry Prorsum show
    PA Ed Sheeran performing on stage during the 2014 Capital Jingle Bell Ball at the O2 Arena
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    Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick at the centre of ridiculous ‘affair’ magazine cover story

    The Keeping Up With The Kardashians stars are front page of US Star magazine, along with a ‘tearful’ Kourtney

    Just last week one magazine ran a photoshopped picture of Bruce Jenner claiming to tell the story of his life as a woman, and now the family find themselves yet again at the centre of a baseless story, with Star magazine claiming that Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick are having an affair.

    The teen beauty and 31-year-old often have lunch together but rumours began to circulate after Kendall shared a saucy picture on Instagram.

    On the front page of Star magazine in the US, the headline reads: “19-year-old Kendall Sleeping With Scott!” with a Kourtney Kardashian line reading: “Kourtney: ‘They’re dead to me!”

    Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick
    Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick in the Instagram post

    The magazine alleges that Scott, who has just welcomed his third child Reign with partner Kourtney, has switched from a “protective” big brother to a “corrupter”.

    In the shocking story, it also claims that after partying together Scott saw Kendall as an adult, “a superhot and fun one at that.”

    Splash Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
    Kourtney and Scott before Reign's arrival

    While we admit that Kendall’s photo with Scott certainly raised a few eyebrows, this latest report is well below the mark, especially as the new parents have stepped away from the public eye to look after their new addition.

    The new mother, who also has Mason and Penelope with Scott, it claims that Kourtney has found out about the alleged affair.

    “At first, Kourtney was in complete shock and disbelief. But after she processed the information, she was devastated … She started screaming at [Scott], calling him ‘sick’,” the source claims.

    Star Magazine Kendall Jenner
    Star Magazine Kendall Jenner Front cover

    The magazine report even goes so far as to claim that the storyline will be good for the family TV show’s ratings.

    Despite the shocking and baseless magazine stories about herself and her family, Kendall has managed to put a brave face on it.

    Earlier this week, the leggy beauty walked the runway for Chanel.

    The 19-year-old reality star looked completely different as she stormed down the runway for Chanel at Paris Fashion Week.

    Her nipples were on display in the sheer black top and she also flashed her enviably toned tum.

    Kendall completed her outfit with a full white skirt with flower detailing - proving she can make the leap from reality teen to high-end supermodel in a flash.


    A black net covered her eyes and a splash of red lipstick gave her makeup some added drama.

    Cheering her on from the FROW was mother Kris - who couldn't really complain about her daughter flashing too much flesh given what she turned up in.

    The 59-year-old Kardashian matriarch flashed her legs through a pair of black see-through trousers, and carefully placed a clutch bag over her modesty.

    Kendall caused a bit of a stir last year as she flashed her boobs beneath a plunging brown jumper for her New York Fashion Week debut for Marc Jacobs Fall 2014 runway collection.


    She was 18 at the time - but remained strong in the face of her haters and said it was tough to grow up in the spotlight.

    She told People magazine it was hard to be taken seriously in the modelling world and had to "prove herself".

    "I don't think some people take me very seriously. When I started off, I was way more of a personality in modeling and it wasn't like, what I wanted to be." she said. "

    We think it's fair to say she's made it.

    We have contacted both Scott and Kendall's representatives for a comment on this story.

    Splash Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick
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    Rita Ora to perform Grateful at the 2015 Oscars: "I'm excited!"

    The Voice judge’s song has been nominated for the best song award

    Rita Ora has announced that she has been invited to perform at the 2015 Oscars.

    The Voice judge revealed that she will be taking to the stage to perform Grateful from Beyond the Lights, one of the five tracks nominated for the best song award at this year’s ceremony.

    Rita, 24, tweeted that she was “excited” about performing at the prestigious ceremony, which will take place on February 22.

    "I’m excited to announce @TheAcademy invited me to perform on the #Oscars on Feb 22nd!" she tweeted on Wednesday.

    I’m excited to announce @TheAcademy invited me to perform on the #Oscars on Feb 22nd!

    — Rita Ora (@RitaOra) January 28, 2015

    In a statement, the show’s producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron said: "The mixture of her incredible voice and glamour makes a perfect combination for our show.”

    The How We Do hitmaker’s performance will come just after the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, which will hit cinemas on February 14.

    In the raunchy movie, Mia plays the adopted sister of Jamie Dornan's Christian Grey character.

    Universal Pictures Fifty Shades of Grey
    Rita's original look

    Rita’s career is certainly going from strength to strength as not only is she on the judges’ panel for BBC’s The Voice with Tom Jones, and Ricky Wilson, but she’s also joining Jake Gyllenhaal in this boxing drama Southpaw.

    Also performing at this year’s Oscar ceremony will be John Legend and rapper Common will perform their Oscar-nominated track Glory, from Selma.

    While another Voice family member – from the US show – Adam Levine will be hitting the stage to perform sing Lost Stars, the Oscar-nominated track both he and Keira Knightley perform in the musical romance Begin Again.

    Rita Ora
    Universal Pictures Fifty Shades of Grey
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    Lindsay Lohan's London community service questioned in court: 'I can't verify what she's doing there'

    Another date has been set to investigate Lindsay's community service hours in the UK

    A prosecutor in Los Angeles has raised doubts that Lindsay Lohan has completed the terms of her community service sentence in a reckless driving case which is the final criminal case the actress faces for years of bad behaviour.

    The complaints from Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White prompted Superior Court Judge Richard Stone to set another court hearing so that the prosecutor could investigate whether Lohan completed her community service at a London volunteer organisation as stated in court documents.

    Mr White said he doubted that Lohan completed 80 hours of community service in nine days as claimed in documentation presented by the actress's lawyer. He said if he is able to show that Lohan did not complete the hours as stated in court filings, he would seek jail time for the star.

    The prosecutor noted that Lohan was receiving treatment for an illness at the time, but the actress's lawyer, Shawn Holley, said it was outpatient treatment and "she powered through it".

    Splash Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan arrives in Los Angeles via LAX

    Judge Stone spent several minutes silently reviewing the documents, but made no comment on whether he felt the 28-year-old Lohan had completed her community service sentence. Another judge approved Lohan doing the hours in London.

    "If this was Lindsey Smith, nobody would allow this," Mr White said.

    He said that among the activities Lohan received credit for was a meet-and-greet with fans of Speed-the-Plow, the play Lohan was starring in.

    "She got to shake hands with people, and that's community service," Mr White said.

    He also complained about Lohan receiving credit for hours in which young people were shadowing her.

    "I'd love to hang out with a celebrity all day and see their life, but that's not community service."

    Splash Lindsay Lohan
    Lindsay Lohan spotted outside her favourite haunt - The Chiltern Firehouse

    The community service is one of the last elements of Lohan's sentence for a 2012 case involving reckless driving and lying to police filed after the actress crashed into a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway.

    Judge Stone gave Mr White until February 18 to try to verify Lohan's hours, a task the prosecutor initially said today was not his job.

    "I can't verify what she's doing there," he told Judge Stone.

    Mr Holley said the issues raised at today's hearing were due to Mr White not doing his due diligence and checking on Lohan's service in recent months.

    Lindsay Lohan has probation dropped for 2011 necklace theft as she works on turning her life around

    In November, Mr Holley presented documentation that Lohan had completed 102 of 240 hours.

    Lohan has been on probation since 2007, when she was arrested twice for driving under the influence. She struggled to resolve that case and was charged with stealing a necklace within days of being released from rehab in 2011.

    Lindsay Lohan
    Splash Lindsay Lohan
    Splash Lindsay Lohan
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    Taylor Swift keeps her belly button covered in 50s swimwear as she shakes off revealing hacking scandal

    The 25-year-old didn't seem too worried about the fact that her reported direct messages have been leaked online


    She had both her Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked yesterday – revealing some of her intimate direct messages.

    But Taylor Swift wasn’t going to let that get in the way of her gals holiday in Hawaii with Haim.

    Nope she managed to ‘shake it off’ and slipped into a fifties style swimsuit to enjoy some fun in the sun.

    Taylor is having fun in Hawaii

    Interestingly she opted to keep her belly button covered after all the excitement earlier this week when she decided to show off it off.

    She had previously said:"I don't like showing my belly button,

    "When you start showing your belly button then you're really committing to the midriff thing. I only partially commit to the midriff thing--you're only seeing lower rib cage."

    Hats off to her for not being worried about the hacking

    She added: "I want that to be a mystery. As far as anyone knows based on my public appearances, they haven't seen evidence of a belly button. It could be pierced. They have no idea."

    Well the secrets out now. That and a few other things – including the fact she likes playing cards with Nick Jonas.

    You can read more about her social media accounts being hacked here.

    In the meantime lets admire her retro swimwear.

    Instagram/taylorswift Taylor Swift
    This picture of her belly button got fans excited
    Instagram/taylorswift Taylor Swift
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