Radio breakfast show presenters apologise after penis talk and swearing outburst is accidentally broadcast

Feb 28, 2015

Heart of Scotland presenters Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham apologised after being caught in an X-rated outburst

Daily Record Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham

Breakfast show readio presenters have apologised after a foul-mouthed outburst went out live on air.

Heart of Scotland presenters Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham thought they had finished for the day and were heard saying motherf***er, s*** - and talking about penises.

Our sister paper The Daily Record reports that the pair were waiting to hand over to DJ Toby Antis when they had a private chat - or so they thought.

Robin, 52 and his co-host Adele, 36, were unaware they were still broadcasting live and continued to prepare for the next morning's show.

When a caller didn’t answer, they left a message suggesting the caller leaves her office desk and talks to them from the toilet.

Heart Scotland presenters Robin Galloway and Adele Cunningham apologise for swearing live on air
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    Later in the conversation they were heard talking about circumcision and during their banter they swore using the words s*** and motherf***er.

    In a statement to RadioToday they said: “We are really sorry for leaving our mics on this morning and apologise if anyone was offended.”

    Listeners took to social media shocked at what they heard.

    On Twitter ConnorGordon28 posted: "Hahahaha just heard them swearing and talking about circumcision on Heart radio. #HeartFMbanter"

    Former Heart breakfast presenter Ewen Cameron was also quick to mock the pair's mistake on Facebook.

    He posted: "When handing over to London, from Scotland, for the mid-morning show you have to be careful hehehe!"

    DJ Robin has only just returned to Heart after being let go from former station Real Radio in 2010 after he played a joke on Ed Miliband which saw his producer streak naked in front of the Labour leader.

    Famous for the notorious prank calls which made his morning show a must-listen, Galloway said he had left his bad boy days behind him.

    He says he has ditched the wind-ups and mellowed after 30 years in radio.

    Speaking to the Daily Record earlier this month he said: "I was a diva but my children have softened me. There were times when the headphones would come off and be bouncing off the walls if something was wrong.

    “I’m not good if something goes wrong even now but I am more mellow and I go out on my bike and release a lot of tension.”

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