Salford 'alien' sighting: Watch 'creepy and weird' lifeform caught on film by terrified witness

Feb 12, 2015

The YouTube account which posted the video claims to have been shut down in the past by the government

This is the stunning footage of a suspected 'alien' captured by a terrified witness in Manchester.

The video was posted onto YouTube by a channel called Para Truthers, claiming the alien was spotted in Salford, Greater Manchester, last month.

The account, which claims it was recently shut down by the government, has posted several sightings of these ‘Grey Aliens’ similar to the one in this video.

While some reaction to the video has been sceptical, one YouTube user who claims to live in Salford is concerned about the possibility of life from other planets being spotted in the area.

Posting under the username Chebbers Deighton they said: “It head [sic] looks well creepy and it moves like all weird everyones talking bout this down the boozer in salford if you don’t live here then don’t be chatting ‘its fake’.”

It is not clear from the video where it was filmed.

But not all viewers of the video are convinced by the footage which appears to show a silver-grey very slim figure with an overly large head.

Jon Haire commented on the video: “Some guy put on a cheap skin tight alien suit and stuffed some stuffing in the head part.”

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