Watch Tomahawk missile punch through shipping container with deadly precision

Feb 12, 2015

The missile is able to use data from spy planes to alter it's course as it flies

Unprecedented footage shows a tomahawk missile in action
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    An incredible video shows the devastating precision and jaw-dropping power of a Tomahawk cruise missile as it punches through a shipping container on a ship.

    The footage was taken by the US Navy, who are testing ways to change the flight path of the weapon so it can destroy moving targets.

    The Tomahawk Block IV was launched from the USS Kidd near San Nicolas Island in California.

    Spy aircraft fed data to the missile so it can alter its course in mid-air.

    "This is a significant accomplishment," Captain Joe Mauser told Navair News.

    "It demonstrates the viability of long-range communications for position updates of moving targets.

    "This success further demonstrates the existing capability of Tomahawk as a netted weapon (it can receive mid-course targeting updates), and in doing so, extends its reach beyond fixed and re-locatable points to moving targets.”

    The Tomahawk weapons system is the U.S. Navy’s precision strike standoff weapon for long and medium range attack of tactical targets.

    The Navy is currently fielding Tomahawk Block IV weapons on ships and submarines across the globe.

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