Harry Styles' girlfriend Nadine Leopold gets her kit off for raunchy underwear shoot

Mar 9, 2015

The rumoured girlfriend of the One Direction hunk bares all for Urban Outfitters campaign

Urban Outfitters Nadine Leopold

Harry styles must be feeling like the luckiest 21-year-old on the planet right now.

The heartthrob's latest lady stripped down to her underwear for an Urban Outfitters shoot.

Nadine Leopold posed provocatively for a series of photos for the At First Blush promotion.

Urban Outfitters Nadine Leopold
Nadine rocks the white socks look

Austrian born Nadine oozed sexy in bra, panties and even in a pair of long white socks.

The Victoria Secret model is currently based in New York.

Both young beauties have been spotted together and they're rumoured to be exclusive.

Urban Outfitters Nadine Leopold
Lucky Harry

She even attended his birthday bash in Los Angeles.

Some sources even claim Harry is so besotted with his new girl that he has had Nad's initials tattooed on him.

Harry has been linked to a range of hotties including Taylor Swift, Rita Ora and Caroline Flack .

Nadine Leopold
Urban Outfitters Nadine Leopold
Urban Outfitters Nadine Leopold
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