Pretty Little Liars #TBT Photo: Take a Good Look at Jessica DiLaurentis' Face Right Before She Buried Alison Alive!

Mar 9, 2015

Andrea Parker as Jessica DiLaurentis in Pretty Little Liars.

In honor of #TBT (aka the glorious tradition of Throwback Thursday), Us Weekly and Pretty Little Liars have partnered to bring you the prettiest little never-before-seen photos from season one on, straight from the ABC Family drama's archives. Scroll down for more on this week's picture, and check back every Thursday to see a new one!

Mommy dearest?

We're back, you little fibbers! And this Thursday, we have a lovely snapshot for you of Jessica DiLaurentis, lovingly looking out her back window at her daughter, Alison, clad in that now-infamous yellow tank top—right before s—t hit the fan.

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A little refresher: In this Pretty Little Liars season four episode, "A is for Answers," a flashback shows Alison (Sasha Pieterse) leaving the barnyard sleepover and heading to her house, when her mom (Andrea Parker) spots her. This leads Ali to admit that Mrs. D saw who attacked her that night, which is allegedly what prompted her to bury her own daughter alive.

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"I remember this moment so vividly," executive producer I. Marlene King shared with Us. "I had just told Andrea the real story of who she saw hitting Alison." King described Jessica's expression as "a fond, I love my daughter look—that's about to turn into the gasp of a horrified mother."

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Knowing how notorious PLL is for only divulging half of a story line, we asked King if Mrs. D is really a baddie, as she does seem to be protecting someone. She replied, "As the story continues to unfold, you will learn more about Mrs. D's motives and decide for yourself: victim or villain?"

What do you little liars think? Check back next week for a new PLL #TBT photo—and tune in to Pretty Little Liars Tuesdays on ABC Family at 8 p.m. EST.

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