The 5 best free applications for Android

Mar 5, 2015

The 5 best free applications for Android

I have a Galaxy S5 Samsung, Sony Xperia Z3 or any other Android device? Then you have to download these 35 free apps


Yay! Free Stuff! Everyone loves free stuff. And there are many things about Android with over 927,000 applications available in Google Play Store. We know, because we.


But a word of warning - much of it is garbage: a mixture of frustration unofficial scams room designed shonkily projects and in the worst cases, plain old rags Are Indifferent arrgghh-yourself work at all.


Fortunately, for each application error 10 which is at least one good. That still leaves 92,700 good applications out there. Let's be honest, we have not tried them all - but stopped at 35 biscuits for you here. Read, download and enjoy.


1. TRANSLATE of google


We saw some intelligent translation applications in our time, but recently the Google translator crushed. We now offer translations in over 70 languages, with an entry in the text, symbols or words and handwriting text recognition through the camera (sometimes awkward, word for word). Then you can give the translation as text or talk about you.


The main application can do all this with a data connection and language packs can be downloaded free so you can use it abroad without Wi-Fi or fear of data roaming.

Download Google Translate




This is not the best application research on the world, but is full of information To Geek level NASA media file, as well as news and updates on what is happening there and at the base. Maybe one day I'll have a polished interface for everyone, but for now this collection Taggle raggle links, photos, videos and news feeds, has plenty to keep space cadets information and entertainment.



Twickets is a way to buy or sell your concerts or events, but what makes it special is the rule that tickets can not change hands to the face value or less. This means staying away fosters speculation and true fans came to recyle parties in good faith - if one of his companions abandoned and left behind, or you need additional seating in the short term.


You can browse what's available or offer tickets through the application and complete the transaction on Twitter (hence the name).

4. SONORA for Android


Long trip? Tired eyes? Audio books! A bit like the radio shows that you really want to hear, much like podcasts all people make funny, a bit like the books read for you (OK, especially the latter), audio books are a treat to savor .


The Amazon sounds application is a gateway to their own audio book services, design without some of their best tasters sales. Worth the download, even if only for snacks.



Google Maps are now and it's beautiful. However, based on a data connection, which is not always available, even in his native country and chopped with ridiculous charges abroad. Navfree is based on an open source basis of map data and provides maps and satellite voice guided navigation for no money at all.


You can wear it with extra pay if you want, but as it is. Download local variant for every country you visit before you leave and you will always have a map and a satellite navigation tool on your hip.

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