Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany 'auditioning for upcoming Star Wars movie'

Jan 29, 2015

According to reports, the two actress are in the running for a role in the first stand-alone flick

Getty/Lucas Film Star Wars

Rooney Mara and Tatiana Maslany could be cast in the new stand-alone Star Wars film.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the two actresses have thrown their names into the hat for the upcoming flick.

So far Tatiana, who stars in the hit series Orphan Black, has already auditioned for a role in the George Lucas movie.

Meanwhile Rooney, best known for her performance in Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is due to test for a role next week.

Corbis Rooney Mara does Vamp make up at the Met Gala 2013
Rooney Mara

As of right now details on the sci-fi movie are being kept secret, however there are reports that auditions took place in the UK in December.

The process has now moved across to the US so a number of American stars can read for a part.

Oscar nominated actress Felicity Jones is also said to be lined up to audition.

We have reached out to Tatiana and Rooney's reps.

BBC Orphan Black
Orphan Black

Last year Rooney insisted that a break from her career may be on the cards after making a number of films in quick succession.

She explained: "I’m a workaholic and I really don’t know how to relax. But I do want to take a break and not think about work at all.

"I think it’s good for actors to have other things that they’re interested in.

"I want to learn ballroom dancing. I have hidden rhythm."

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    Corbis Rooney Mara does Vamp make up at the Met Gala 2013
    BBC Orphan Black
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