Pictured: Photographer captures awe-inspiring moments babies are born by c-section

Feb 12, 2015

French photographer Christian Berthelot has now photographed more than 40 Caesarean births

CESAR these are portraits of children who were born by Caesarean section and have a few seconds of life - all survived

A photographer has taken a series of bloody yet inspiring pictures of babies just seconds after they emerge into the world from a c-section

Christian Berthelot began the project after an obstetrician at the hospital where his own son was delivered by a Caesarean asked him to chronicle their fascinating and mysterious work.

The Frenchman spent six months getting trained in how to safely take photos in a sterile environment. He also had to persuade the mums involved to take part.

His first shoot was at 8am and he had slept poorly the night before, making him unprepared for the process he was about to witness.

He admitted he "didn’t even know how he felt" during the procedure.

Florida woman gives birth to 14-pound baby without C-section
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He told Petapixel: "I hid behind my camera and I did my job. I knew I was not going to look at the world the same way.”

Now he has captured 40 births, with each photo taken just 20 seconds or less after the baby is born.

He admits he has faced some criticism for the images.

He said: "I know there are people who react very badly, who find it disgusting, they tell me that I do not have the right to show the children in the blood, some even told me that it is not real, it is not true.

"This is absurd, children are not born in cabbages or roses.

"And there are those who are fascinated. I give them the opportunity to observe in detail the violence of birth."

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