Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and Haim could be the best friendship group EVER

Mar 9, 2015

The Shake It Off singer said the BBFs "build each other up" and promoted International Women's Day

As far as friendship groups go, it's no secret Taylor Swift has it nailed.

The Shake It Off singer has given everyone another reason to be jealous of her gatherings when she posed with Selena Gomez, Ellie Goulding and Haim.

As the sisters hug and Tay Tay wraps her arms round the Spring Breakers star, Brit Ellie is left on her own at the side - but it's okay because the group all have each others' back.

Promoting International Women's Day on Sunday, Taylor shared the snap on Instagram and showed the importance of friends and unity.

She wrote: "We are at our best when we cheer each other on and build each other up.

"Happy International Women's Day."

Taylor and Selena could be our favourite BFF pairing of the lot and as the Blank Space star lounged back in a gorgeous white jacket (which seemed to be borrowed from Haim) her friend posed for an adorable snap.

Then she pretty much broke us when she wrote: "She's so fluffy"

Meanwhile, Ellie summed up our feelings perfectly when she shared another snap from the party with everyone smiling and joking.

She said: "Well this is bloody CHILL @taylorswift @selenagomez @haimtheband (sic)"

It certainly looks it, we wouldn't mind being invited to tea with this lot.

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